Perton Ehitus

Our company started off renovating buildings with architectural and milieu-specific value. We felt that creating new living spaces is something that requires care, responsibility and paying attention to detail. Creating new homes starts from the planning – a carefully designed architectural project and beautiful appearance provide the buildings with personality and character.

We create homes for other people as if we are building them for ourselves. Our company tries to avoid building boring apartments or lifeless boxes. Our wish is to create a living space that is a desirable living environment together with the scenery, facade and small details, as well as thorough planning and elaborate finishing nuances.

We emphasise bright and detailed interior plans to create the feeling of spaciousness. In smaller apartments, the keywords are compact and comfortable – so that less becomes more. In addition, the layout logic of the rooms is essential, and we follow it closely in the planning process.

We create homes for other people as if we are building them for ourselves.

We pick the most suitable materials considering the durability and energy efficiency. Carefully considered details during planning will benefit the home owners in the noticably low-cost utilities.

The construction deadline as well as quality requirements are very important to us. We will add a green courtyard, playground, a private parking lot, spacious balconies and terraces, whenever the property permits.

Economical responsibility is crucial in our activities. We always pay the invoices and salaries on time. We keep our promises and value punctuality. As experts, we strive for the perfect outcome.

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