Perton Ehitus

Perton Ehitus started operating in 2006. As a result of successful collaboration on previous real estate development projects, Marko Bäärs and Matti Tilk founded the construction company with the purpose of managing their own real estate development projects. As founders and members of the board, both Marko Bäärs and Matti Tilk were professionally active in many areas of operating the company. Matti was in charge of construction as site manager, project manager, site engineer, supplier, leader of the quality control and in many other roles. Marko, on the other hand, was in charge of the company's development, sales and planning.

Perton Ehitus was mainly doing renovation and reconstruction works during the early days of operation. The company grew mostly because of the choice of conservative development projects, goal-specific and economically smart investment decisions, as well as focused operation together with dedication and know-how. An activity licence was issued to Matti Tilk and Perton Ehitus in 2011 for renovating architectural monuments which allowed the company to renovate and preserve buildings. As the company expanded, the team of managers, site managers, supplier, and others was selected, certain cooperation partnerships were formed, the office space created. This development enabled Perton Ehitus to start working on several sites at once.

Most of our construction objects have been located in milieu specific residential areas: Kadriorg, Kalamaja and Kassisaba city districts. It has been our mission to uphold the environmental values and contribute to the modernisation of buildings.

We have always been fond of using professional construction solutions and materials of high quality. Since our first projects it has been important to us to place value in the things that have kept us growing – keeping our promises, respecting our employees, and a customer-oriented solutions.

More than 14 years of experience.

Our professional skills were first acknowledged in 2012, when we received the letter of appreciation from Tallinn Department of Culture for renovating the apartment building of Wismari 47.

Creditinfo Eesti AS has acknowledged Perton Ehitus with the Successful Estonian Company certificate from 2013 to 2017. Äripäev AS attributed the „Eesti Gasellettevõte 2015“ prize to Perton Ehitus. Perton Ehitus is a member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a member of the Association of Real Estate Companies. We received the first prize in the Stone Roof category of the Roof of the Year 2015 competition held by the Estonian Association of the Roofing Trade for reconstructing the roof of Tina 26 historical apartment building. Our company received the "Best Renovated Buildings in the area of Cultural and Environmental Value of 2015" acknowledgement by Tallinn Department of Urban Planning for renovating Luise 27 apartment buildings. In 2017, we won the "Best Renovated Buildings in the area of Cultural and Environmental Value" prize for renovating the building located on Kunderi 25.

As a real estate developer, we are responsibly creating contemporary and comfortable living spaces. At the moment, we are focused on constructing new buildings with the purpose of creating modern architectural living environments by using the thoroughness we have acquired from renovating historic buildings.

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