Perton Ehitus

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Perton Ehitus. More than 13 years of experience on the construction and real estate development market.

Perton Ehitus has been dedicated to creating comfortable living environments with the true feeling of home for more than thirteen years. We started out by restoring historical buildings and enhancing them with modern home commodities and energy efficient technical systems.

In our new development projects, we are aiming to build a bridge between historical milieus and modern architectural solutions.

We have a license for working with architectural heritage sites issued by the National Heritage Board of Estonia, and have received several excellence awards for building restoration and renovation works.

Perton Ehitus has been granted the title of a “Successful Estonian Enterprise” by the Estonian credit rating agency Credit Info. The Estonian business newspaper Äripäev has recognized Perton Ehitus as the “Estonian Gazelle-Enterprise 2015”. Perton Ehitus is a member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and belongs to the Association of Real Estate Companies of Estonia.

The home is created by people but built by professionals. As of today, we have built or restored over 40 residential buildings and created many new homes in the most attractive living areas in Tallinn and elsewhere.


Previous projects

Arte Galeriimaja
Hermanni Maja
Miljöö Maja
Valgevase 9b
Kreutzwaldi 9

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